Supercell - Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF)

The most up-to-date clarifier based on this principle has been successfully used since 1973 for fibre recovery in paper mills and for a variety of solid / liquid separation processes. Worldwide Installation of more than 3,500 supercells and installation of over 300 units in India alone, speak for the reliance placed by reputed industries and municipalities on the efficiency of Krofta equipment. The Concept of dissolved air floatation for removing solids from liquids was perfected by Dr. Milos Krofta of U.S.A.

DAF technology provide the concepts of supercell methods used for wastewater streams in process the property with different various characteristics, the Krofta engineering offers the supracell concepts for clarification, thicker sludge consistency and low retention. The technique used on number of industries including food and beverage, pulp and paper, wineries and distilleries, and municipal wastewater.


  • Shallow tank
  • Krofta ADT component
  • Automated operation
  • Flexible controls
  • Minimized sludge disposal costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple, self-cleaning components

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