Sedicell is a mechanically simple and robust Dissolved Air Floatation clarifier which allows simultaneous removal of floatable and settable solids from suspensions in water for high clarity. Firstly, the raw water enters the central distributor and blends with air released from air carrier water. After this, the air bubbles carry the flocculated solids to the water surface and the Heavier particles settle at the bottom of the tank floor. After the separation of these particles, clear water present between the zones of floated and settled solid particles, is subsequently discharged into the overflow of an adjustable weir.


HIGH CLARIFICATION and reduction of filterable suspended solids are obtained to meet Pollution Control Authority requirements. SLUDGE CONSISTENCY, maintained by the intermittent operation of the scoop along with adjustments of the tank water level, average 3-6% FLOCCULATING CHEMICALS can be added in several places depending on the effluent. Removals of 80-90% can sometimes be obtained without chemicals. However, removals of 95% or better, (20-30 PPM of suspended solids), are usually obtained with adequate chemical treatment.


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