About Krofta India

Krofta India was started in 1983 as a joint venture collaboration with Dr Milos Krofta. He was the founder of Krofta and developer of the DAF Technology.

DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation Technology)

The advanced DAF system offered by Krofta does not warrant a separate flocculation tank, flocculation mixer, and flash mixer.

Krofta Supercell

25% of the exit stream is pressurised to about 6 kg/cm2 pressure and saturated with air in the patented air dissolving tube.

The chemical dosage

required for a particular duty is optimised during commissioning of the system.


Our Incredible Products


The most up-to-date clarifier based on this principle has been successfully used since 1973

Benefits of KROFTA DAF

Krofta, is the world leader in this field having more than 1200 installations running successfully all over the world.

Very low retention

times (as low as 3 minutes) for comparable or better clarification.

Sludge recycled from

the Krofta DAF is rich in oxygen resulting in better efficiencies

Ease in relocation

the relocation of the units is easy and convenient.

Substantial reduction

in size and cost of sludge dewatering system.

Low Installation Costs

heavy supports and costly civil work is not required.

Easy Installation

can be installed in tier system.

Why Choose KROFTA Products

Krofta can provide full Effluent treatment plants for various industries like paper, slaughter, tanneries, paint, etc.

Krofta Supercell is the most compact DAF machine having its versatility for installation and yet being performance driven.