Krofta clarifiers have retention times as low as 3 minutes and with a possibility of resource recovery in some cases as opposed to the sedimentation methods characterised by very long retention times. Krofta, is the world leader in this field having more than 1200 installations running successfully all over the world.

plate-scrubberThe advanced DAF system offered by Krofta does not warrant a separate flocculation tank, flocculation mixer, flash tank and flash mixer. The Air Saturation Tank of yesteryears is replaced by the patented Krofta Air Dissolving Tube (ADT) which provides effluent saturated with air in residence time of 10 seconds. Air requirement is also very low as compared to the DAFs of earlier designs.

Salient features / benefits of Krofta DAF clarifiers are:

  • Total steel fabrication and negligible civil work facilitating relocation, if needed.
  • Ease of installation, can be installed in tier system.
  • Sludge from the Krofta DAF has a solid content of 2-3% resulting in two major advantages:
  • Low cost of Installation, heavy supports and costly civil work is not required.
  • Very low space requirement, the units are stackable.
  • Very high clarification efficiency of suspended solids, 95% to 98% in most of the cases.
  • High clarity of liquid, less than 30 ppm of filterable solids in clarified water.
  • High sludge consistency (2-3%), Enabling easy disposal and needing less area.
  • Ease in relocation, the relocation of the units is easy and convenient.


Pulp and Paper Industry

  • Paper industry equipment, pulp and paper production, the paper machines and systems provided by krofta-engineering-limited
  • Paper industry equipment suppliers, krofta Engineering is the best known names in the paper industry and includes machinery and equipment.
  • Paper factory equipments, krofta Engineering is engaged in supplying and exporting a wide range of Pulp & Paper Machineries .
  • Paper equipment manufactures, krofta Engineering solve the problem of waste paper disposal, which reduce environmental pressure.
  • Paper fiber recovery, Krofta improves profitability and try to recover paper or wood fiber

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