Desalination of sea water

Desalination embroil eliminating dissolved minerals from sea water and saline water (a mix of fresh water and marine water) and is gradually vital spring of fresh water. Krofta Engineering Ltd designs pre-treatment sea water desalination units for effective and competent desalination. DAF seawater pre-treatments a gravity focused solids liquid separation procedure. DAF is a developing procedure for the clarification of seawater prior to desalination by reverse osmosis. The success of DAF relies on the measure of bubbles and particles moving through water, and to the dissolution and precipitation of air. The performances of the DAF system will be inspected by measuring: -Turbidity, suspended solids, TOC, and pH

Desalination of seawater has several advantages:-

  • Seawater is the most lavish source on the earth.
  • Desalination, once a costly progression, but now economically feasible technology due to significant R&D advancements.
  • Desalination is a multi-purpose way out, taking into consideration the domestic, agricultural and industrial concerns.

Dissolved air flotation equipment is appropriate for elimination of floating particulate foul ants like algal cells, grease, grease or other pollutants that cannot be efficiently eliminated by the process of sedimentation orfiltration. DAF systems can characteristically yield effluent turbidity of 0.5 NTU and can be pooled in one arrangement with dual media gravity filters for consecutive pre-treatment of seawater. DAF procedure utilizes very tiny air bubbles to float light elements such as -algae, debris and fine silt and organic materials like- oil, grease enclosed in the seawater. The floated solids are collected at the upper surface of the DAF tank and skimmed off for removal, whereas the low turbidity sea water is collected close to the end of the tank.

Sea DAF is a dissolved air flotation machine with a high transmission rate. Used in desalination services, it is appropriate for treating water comprising low density elements or dissolved biological substance. This compact machinery is simple to maneuver and easy to maintain. The pre-treatment of sea water through DAF facilitates the combination of air bubbles and floc. Thus at the end the waste collected is thrown away by over flowing into channels.

Salient features of DAF pre-treatment Unit

  • Tailored unit designs that are capable of meeting variable requirements.
  • High quality clarifier for medium to low suspended solid water
  • This unit is available in economical rates and serve many purposes
  • It has short HRT high surface load