Tannery Industry

Tannery industry requires efficient DAF sludge handling system for its animal fat waste products. DAF technology is widely used in animal/food processing/meat/slaughtering applications to eliminate SS (suspended solids), fats, grease and oils from various samples of wastewaters. The elevated rates of processing, lesser footprints and suppleness in procedure has been always appreciated and has taken advantage of these applications. The DAF technology utilizes air to generate micro bubbles which helps in attaching the solids to float onto the surface to be thrown away.

Dissolved Air Flotation is principally for solid to liquid or liquid to liquid separation. Large amount of micro bubbles produced by dissolving and discharging system stick to solid or liquid units with same density as tannery waste water to make the entire sludge float to the surface thus attaining the purpose of solid to liquid or liquid to liquid separation. The channel of the DAF is armed with a wiper blade that sweeps the surface sludge at a controlled rate. The concentrated float is sent into a sludge discharge channel and transferred to a sludge settling tank.

The installed unit also includes a specially designed chemical treating unit that delivers measured amounts of polymer chemicals that aids in breakdown of the solids and liquids in the DAF sludge to improve dewatering amounts. The treating level is easy to regulate and together with decanter controls it confirms the adequate ā€˜dryness' of the end-waste product.

Salient Features of DAF sludge Handling

  • Huge capacity and high competence
  • The streamlined design uses minimal space while providing ample residence time.
  • Compressed structure, easy procedure and maintenance.
  • Silt expansion elimination.
  • Exposed to the water while air floating, it has an apparent consequence to the removal of active agent and filthy smell in water. In the meantime, the augmented dissolved oxygen delivers a promising situation to the follow-up procedure.
  • It can attain the better effect in embracing this method when disposing the water with lower turbidity, lower temperature and more algae.

Treating industrial sludge and effluent is difficult and is influenced very much by the kind of load and the nature of the procedure producing the waste water stream. As experts in tailored designed tannery waste water treatment plants, we had tackled numerous challenging sludge and effluent streams over the last years.