CPI / TPI Units

We have made a technical collaboration with Stetfield Separators Limited,UK for their Oil Water Seperator like CPI & TPI to market their equipments in across the globe.

imgOur Oil Water Separators are designed as per following specifications:

Corrugated and Tilted Plate Separators

Stetpack tilted or corrugated plate interceptors offer enhanced gravity separation of immiscible liquids via inclined parallel plates and coalescing media. Self-contained above-ground units, in-ground parts kits and multistage units.

In-Ground Tilted Plate Separators

We offer a full design package for in-ground units using concrete sumps and a kit of parts for larger capacity units, using the same technology as our Stetpack units. We design and manufacture all the internal components for these systems and offer a full refurbishment/replacement service for old units that have fallen into disrepair.

API Oil Separators

Widely used in the petrochemical industry and oil refineries for gross removal of a wide range of free-floating oils employing top and bottom scraper mechanisms. Designed to API standards with units up to 50m long and 5.5m wide.

single stage rectangular

download Stetpack Oil CPI TPI (single stage rectangular)

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